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Time Calculator User Manual

Your flight goes at 09:47. You must book in 1 hour beforehand.

Allowing for traffic your journey will take 3 hours 30 minutes.

What is the latest time you can leave home?


Clock A (enter 09:47), [decrement 9hrs, 1 tap], [dec. 40min, 2 taps], [dec 7min 3 taps]

Don’t forget the booking in time [dec 1hr from A, 1 tap], Clock A now reads 08:47.

Clock B (enter 03:30 minus), [increment 3hrs, 3 taps], [inc. 30min, 3 taps], [ [-], 1 tap]

Clock C shows 05:17 Today.

Decide then how much earlier you want to leave to safely catch the flight.

A bus is due, according to the time table, at 13:55. The time now is 13:39. How long will you have to wait?


Clock A (Time Now)[1 tap] (13:39)

Clock C (update to 13:55)[inc. 20min, 2 taps], [dec. to 5min. 4 taps], (13:55), [Lock Clock C, 1 tap].

Clock B reads 00:16+, and will count down the remaining time.

You have made a cake and the time now is 11:43 pm. The recommended cooking time is 2hr 15 mins. What time do you set the oven timer for?


Clock A (Time Now)[1 tap],(24), [1 tap], (11:43 pm).

Clock B (02:15),[8 taps].

Clock C reads 01:58 Tomorrow.

In order to make the best of an assisting tide stream, you want your sailing yacht to be at a key waypoint at 09:38. It will take 3hrs 44min at 4kts to get there at the right time and 3hrs 58min to get to your destination port from there.

What time do you have to set out?

What is your estimated time of arrival?


Clock A (Set Time, 09:38), [dec. 9hrs, 1tap], [inc. 30min, 3taps], [dec. 8mins, 2taps].

Clock B (Enter 03:44), [inc. 3hrs, 3taps], [inc. 40min 4taps], [inc. 4min, 4taps].

Clock C reads 05:54 Today. (Departure time.)


Clock B [ [+], 1tap], [inc. 10min, 1tap], [inc. 4min, 4taps]

Clock C reads 13:36, [for am/pm format tap [24], 1tap],

Clock C reads 01:36 pm, (ETA).  25 taps total to do the whole time calculation.

Example ( 1 )

Example ( 2 )

Example ( 3 )

Example ( 4 )

Example ( 5 )

The optimum tidal conditions at a particular waypoint, for the passage you want to make, occur at HT+0, or (22:01 on this particular day). Your time of Departure is Ht-6:25. (a) What actual time is that? Suppose it will take a further 4hrs:25min to reach your destination. (b) What is your ETA?


Clock A (Set Time, 22:01), [inc.20hrs, 2taps], [inc.2hrs, 2taps], [inc. 1min, 1tap].

Clock B (Enter, 6:25 minus), [dec. 6hrs, 4taps], [inc. 20min, 2taps], [inc. 5min, 5taps], [ [-], 1tap].

Clock C reads 15:36 Today. Clock B [ [+], 1tap], [dec 2hrs, 2taps], Clock C reads 04:26 Tomorrow.

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