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1. Tap 'Set Time' to display the present time on Clock A. If AM / PM format is selected the clock will indicate if it is currently AM or PM. When clock B is set to 00:00 (+ or -), Clock C will display current time also. It is possible this way to display the current time in both 24 hour and AM/ PM format simultaneously.  

( Page 8 'Time Now' / 'Night Sight' )

DWtimeNow DWNiteSight

The present time can be displayed on Clock A.

Night vision mode, for night use aboard a yacht etc.

2. The 'Day / Night' icon, when tapped, will change the entire main display from day mode to night mode or vice-versa. Night or day mode is independent of resets and all other functions behave the same in either mode, 'night' or 'day'. 'Info' is accessible in day and night modes, (but only with a bright 'day' type display), to preserve night vision its use at night is therefore not advised.    

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Screen Brightness can further be contolled from your iPhone Control Centre.


3. Screen brightness is adjustable by using the brightness control in Control Centre. Swipe UP from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Centre. Adjust the brightness slider, (Above the word Music). Swipe DOWN from the top of the screen to exit Control Centre.